The Parents Club raises money each year to provide program College Scholarships, Program Scholarships and to provide other needed support to the program. We raise money by selling merchandise, putting on events and working to get direct donations from local businesses and families that support the program. We appreciate the many individuals who understand the huge value this program brings to the kids and community.

Two of the most important programs we raise money for are:

  • Our College Scholarship Program helps Junior Guard alumni pay for college or other education programs after they are finished with high school. Many of these kids come back to become valuable members of our community. The majority of our fundraising is awarded to our College Scholarship Program.
  • Program Scholarship for those kids who are dedicated to Junior Guards but whose families can’t afford all of the session. We work closely with the Capitola Foundation to fund and administer this program.

If you can help in any fundraising efforts please contact a board member or call Kim Carlton at (831) 234-9481.