Team Tola Alumni

I was a Capitola Jr. Guard 30 years ago and my daughter is in the C’s program currently.

The Jr. guard program helped me overcome my fear of swimming in the ocean, it was a lot of hard work and I have gained a higher respect for the ocean and  lifeguards in general.

In 1985 (a really long time ago) I represented Team Tola at the national competition down south (I think it was Huntington Beach) and placed 1st in A girls flags. I have fond memories  of the time I spent as a Jr. guard. It was an experience that will last a lifetime.

Danielle Kaman

Some of the best summers of my life were spent doing junior lifeguards at Capitola beach.  I vividly still remember the 5:00 am run swim run from Capitola wharf to Santa Cruz wharf, Regionals down in Huntington Beach (especially the year we won), Dr Becket skin cancer talks and the “mega” at the end of the session. Best times!

-Joan Hoyt

If you’re a Team Tola Alumni who’d like to share your story about participating in the program, how it may have benefitted your life or otherwise – please feel free to share below. We’d love to feature you!

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