For all interested and returning Team Tola Jr Guard Instructors, there are new training and qualification requirements for the 2016 sessions.

From the City of Capitola jobs site, “In order to be hired as a Capitola Junior Lifeguard instructor in 2016, you must fulfill all the training and meet all the standards set forth by the Santa Cruz Marine Safety Division (SCMSD) and United States Lifeguard Association (USLA). You must meet all these standards or you will not be eligible to be hired as a Capitola Junior Lifeguard Instructor.”


Key things we want to highlight for you:

  • All instructors must pass the qualification swim
  • Qualification swim dates are: Mark 5, March 12, ¬†March 19 and June 4
  • There are¬†Rookie Junior Guard Trainings and Testing days
  • There is a Title 22 Certification requirement


Complete details of trainings and requirements, qualification swims and more are available at


Please share this information with friends and family who may be interested in becoming or returning as an instructor. There are important trainings and swim tests through March, April and beginning of June.

Tip: For those away at school out of the area, review the dates to try to accommodate key tests and qualification swims, and make local arrangements to fulfill appropriate training and certification requirements.